How To Conquer Your Property Development Risk Every Time

Russell Bragg
April 20, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing

Risk just got dialled up to a new level with Covid-19.  When we get back to the new normal no one can afford to make mistakes. If you're a property developer you already know that every time you embark on a new property development project you literally bet the house. So how do we make it safe? Introducing the 7 Ps of Property Marketing....[read more]

Why Place Is The First P of Property Marketing

Russell Bragg
April 27, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, Place

Place is the first P of The 7 Ps of Property Marketing. Why? Because it's the first thing most people consider when they are buying property. But also, because it impacts positively or negatively on all the other Property Ps (People, Positioning, Product, Pricing, Promotions and Pace). So, how do you ensure you choose the right land on which to develop? Here's how...[read more]

How to Target The People In Your Market Effectively

Russell Bragg
May 04, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, People

'People' is the 2nd Property Marketing P (a.k.a. Target Market or Ideal Customer). You may have found a great location for your new property development, but who will want to buy there? Knowing your Ideal Customer is the next essential P in your property marketing plan. Your development shouldn't try to be "All things to All People". You need to be specific and find as narrow a niche as you dare go, and target the people in your market effectively....[read more]

What Is Market Positioning And Why Is It So Important?

Russell Bragg
May 11, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, Positioning

The 3rd P in the 7 Ps of Property Marketing stands for Positioning. This isn't a fancier word for 'Location'. Positioning means how your potential buyer perceives your property development in relation to other property developments they are considering buying. Get some stand out from your competition and sales will fly. With no clear positioning you're going to be duking it out with your competitors on price. Here's what to consider to get your positioning right...[read more]

How To Make Your Property Designs Special?

Russell Bragg
May 18, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, Product

A dear mentor of mine taught me this:  "Good Marketing comes from Good Product". In the world of property marketing: for Product read Property. And more specifically good property product comes from great architectural and interior designs, a carefully considered floor plan or layout, clever use of space, the correct specification and finally, construction by skilled trades and craftspeople. Most of all a good property needs to meet the needs of whoever is going to live there and that's exactly where you need to start....[read more]

How will world real estate look after Coronavirus?

Russell Bragg
May 26, 2020
Covid-19 impact

As a panel member on a recent webinar, I was asked how I thought global real estate will change after Coronavirus. The webinar was staged to help developers, estate agents and architects adapt. It was hosted in Mumbai, so it leans towards India, the Middle East and Asia, but the points I make are for a global audience. Here is a summary of my key points...[read more]

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