How to Promote Property Developments Successfully

Russell Bragg
July 06, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, Promotions

If there's one key message property developers should know it's this: before you start to market your property development, have you got the foundations right? Before you call your ad agency into the office, here are the steps you need to have taken to ensure a strong pipeline of qualified enquiries and high conversions to sales:...[read more]

In a Hurry to Make Property Sales? Here's How

Russell Bragg
July 13, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing, Sales Pace

Property developers don't always have all the cash they need to finance a development. So they borrow.  Then, the longer it takes to sell their properties, the more it costs the developer in interest on outstanding debt. Which eats into hard earned profit. So, selling at pace is really important.. Here's how......[read more]

How to Create an Amazingly Successful Property Marketing Plan

Russell Bragg
July 20, 2020
7 Ps of Property Marketing

As a property developer, you want to sell fast and at premium prices to achieve positive cash flow and maximum Gross Development Value. The 7 Ps of Property Marketing provide a roadmap to get you there.  They are practical, easy to implement and will get you great results.  Here's a summary:...[read more]

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