As an estate agent you live on commission from the properties you sell. Yet in many cases, by the time you get your listing, the developer has often made critical decisions on what the properties should be in terms of bedroom configurations, layout, size, amenity etc. They may also have made decisions on how the property should be marketed: its brand, a brochure, etc. These decisions have a significant impact on your ability to sell the properties, as you know only too well.

What if there were a service that you could recommend to the developers you work with that would help them make decisions on property type, price and promotions for example, that would enable you to double your sales pace?

We did exactly this with one of our most recent projects. The estate agent had been trying to sell the properties for over a year and the developer was at the point of kicking them into touch when the architect for the project introduced us. It was not the estate agent’s fault: there was no management company in place, the developers website was poor, there had been no proper valuation carried out on the properties and, truth be told, the development wasn’t in a position to be launched.

We helped establish a management company, helped redesign a hard-working website capable of lead generation and lead capture, introduced a database that allowed enquiries to be recorded and shared, nurtured and closed and then worked hand-in-hand with the same estate agent to sell over £11 million worth of property in less than two years.

This was gratefully received by the estate agent as they got paid their commissions. It was good news for the developer too as they were heavily indebted to the bank who could have foreclosed at any point – the bank weren’t expecting the development to be sold inside four years so, when it sold as quickly as it did, their loans were repaid, developer profit was enhanced and everybody won.

The Service We Provide

If you know of a new homes development, which is in need of further support before it comes to market, and you also know that neither you nor the developer has the resource to make sure this happens, we can help.

We will work with you to support the developer’s business planning, product proposition and sales & marketing activities to ensure the fastest possible sales pace through building the right type of properties, at an attractive price with high quality lead generation, capture and conversion.

Each of our programmes is tailor-made to a specific development, its location and product proposition. All are properly researched, discussed, planned, budgeted and agreed with the developer before being implemented.

We believe that great sales & marketing comes from great product and price and that’s what you need to maximise your income from sales commissions.

We charge the developer a monthly retainer based on a percentage of marketing expenditure and then an override commission on property sales, which in the case above had no impact on the commission fee agreed by the estate agent with the developer.

You Could Double Your Sales Pace
And Commission Income – For
The Cost Of A Phone Call!

In the example above, the estate agent was charging 1% commission. We charged a small retainer and a further 1% commission to the developer, which didn’t affect the estate agent’s commission at all – other than they went from a position of not getting any commission at all to getting loads of it! We also kept within the developer’s total budget for sales and marketing so this becomes a very simple decision to make.


If you feel that a developer you are working with could benefit from this sort of service, please ask them to complete one of our free consultation requests.

Oh and by the way, we are happy to sign a Non-Circumvention Agreement with you to ensure we are working with you rather than against you.

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