As a developer you’ll know that your next project is often only possible if your last one was a big success and this depends on how well your new home development sold.

Owing to the nature of developing you may not have all of the right resources to enable you to make perfectly informed decisions on product proposition, pricing, route to market and so on. This can lead to slow sales and, in the worse case, a failed project and therefore no profit to carry forward into your next project.

With properly directed research and our experience to interpret it we can ensure that what you design and build is what the market wants to buy. We can then support your sales and marketing process to ensure the fastest possible sales pace through high quality lead generation, capture and conversion.

Here’s An Example Of How We Work

In one of our most recent projects we charged a monthly retainer for handling the marketing and, as co-agent, 1% on all sales. An estate agent had been appointed a year earlier – they hadn’t completed one sale and the developer was at the point of kicking them into touch when we were introduced. It wasn’t the estate agent’s fault: there was no management company in place, the website for the development was poor, there had been no proper valuation carried out on the properties and, truth be told, the development wasn’t in a position to be launched.

We helped set up a management company, helped redesign a hard-working website capable of lead generation and lead capture, introduced a database that allowed enquiries to be recorded and shared, nurtured and closed and then worked hand-in-hand with the same estate agent to sell over £11 million worth of property in less than two years in a tough market.

It was great for the developer as they were indebted to the bank and were threatening to foreclose – the bank expected it would take four years to dispose of the property assets.  We sold out in two years repaying all loans, increasing developer profit and creating a win-win.

The Service We Provide

If you have a project, which is in need of further support before it comes to market and you know that you don’t have the resource to make sure this happens we can help.

We will help you collect information and decide what property mix, layout, bedroom configuration and spec will be most attractive to your target market and what a fair price would be.

We will then help you promote your development using modern direct response and digital marketing techniques to achieve the fastest possible sales pace.

Each of our programmes is tailor-made to a specific development, its location and product proposition. All are properly researched, discussed, planned, budgeted and agreed with you before being implemented.

We charge a monthly retainer based on a percentage of marketing expenditure and then an override commission on property sales, which in the above case had no impact on the developer’s sales and marketing budget but a significant impact on results.

You could maximise your sales pace and secure the profit on your next development – for the cost of a phone call!

If you feel you have a development that could benefit from this sort of support, please complete one of our free consultation requests.

Best regards,

Russell Bragg

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